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Leave It To Me, Telford Lake Trails, Leduc, Alberta, 2022-08-27, Canon EOS R5, Tamron 90 mm macro, ƒ/4.0, 1/800, ISO 640.

Some photographers love to go deep into specific genres of photography. They are known for that one thing they do well. I find it amusing when people try to pigeonhole me on that one thing I do as a photographer because they almost always get it wrong.

In my portfolio, you’ll find empty roads, prairies, mountains, lakes, rural decay, wildlife, farm life, skylifes, extreme closeups, and more. What they all have in common is that the image reflects where I was in my life at that moment. I have never really had it in my head that I’m a prairie photographer, macro photographer, landscape photographer, wildlife photographer, or someone who specializes in dramatic pictures of dramatic places. I don’t generally go on expensive trips to exotic locations to take pictures – the world you see in my images is the one I live in every day.

In my photography, I’m looking to find a perfect moment when and where I am then as part of my ordinary existence. I find it, I capture it, and then I share it with others. What began as a survival skill to battle severe depression has somehow turned into a joyous way of life for me. No matter how bad a day gets, I can almost always find something wondrous about it, even if only for an instant. Photography is the amber I use to trap that moment in time, letting me carry it forward, so others can enjoy it too.

I feel that I am less a photographer and more a curator of one man’s fleeting glimpses of the sublime. My portfolio is my museum. Please feel free to come in; I have saved many beautiful moments from my life that I would be honoured to share with you.

With gratitude.

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