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Supporting the Strathmore Library

Fire in the Sky as originally captured.

I am the Artist of the Month of July 2023 at the Strathmore Library here in Strathmore, Alberta. I will have twenty images printed on canvas and exhibited in the library throughout the month. All prints are for sale with 100% of the proceeds over and above the production costs going directly to the library to support their programming. Here are some things to know…

You can buy the prints that are on display

The catch is that you have to wait until the end of July to take possession of your new piece of artwork as it has been agreed that the images will remain on display for the entire month. (Note: two of the images have small printing defects and are being replaced – if you purchase one of those prints you will receive an undamaged version.)

You can buy alternate versions of the images on display

The top image, Fire in the Sky, is being exhibited as a triptych (set of three images). This was because I wanted to show it in a large format, but I could not order a panoramic print in the size I wanted on a single canvas, so I split it into three images. If you want the entire panorama in one image, I will be able to accommodate you in the form of a larger archival print or metal print, or a smaller canvas. Just let me know what you would like instead and I will do my best to get you want you want.

Fire in the Sky as a three-panel triptych.

If you like one of the images but it is too small or too large for you, or you’d prefer it printed on something other than canvas, I can make that work for you as well. The more prints I can sell, the more money the library has to support its important programming.

You can see images even if you can’t attend the exhibit in person

Don’t live in Strathmore or you just can’t make it to the display in person? No problem. All images from the display are also in an album for online viewing:
Click here to view the Flickr album.

Just click on the image above and you’ll be taken the to album in a new browser tab or window. You are, of course, welcome to order any of these images as canvases or prints with all proceeds above production costs being donated to Strathmore Library.

You’re not limited to purchasing an image from the exhibit

I maintain a large portfolio of fine-art images under my Flickr photo account which can be found here. If you find something there you like better than any of the exhibited images, email me and let me know what you want, what size you’d like, and how you’d like it printed. I’ll get back to you with a preview of what it will look like and a quote on the price. As before, 100% of the proceeds above the cost of production are being donated to the Strathmore Library.

The only catch is that I cannot sell prints that have a person appearing in them if the person is identifiable. A person who is silhouetted or viewed from the back is okay, but I have to be careful not to violate the privacy or rights of any individuals captured in public photographs.

Please note that many of my older images are archived and it may take me a few days to locate them (I have a LOT of images archived). I will let you know if it is something I can’t find right away if the purchase is time sensitive so you can select something else.

You’re not limited to the month of July

Are funds a bit tight and you can’t order a print until later in the year? The offer to donate proceeds from print sales is being extended until December 31, 2023. If you’d like to buy someone some art from a local artist for Christmas AND help out your local library, I’d like to make this possible.

You’re not limited to prints on canvas

I can also offer images in the following types:

  • Prints you can frame yourself
  • Framed photos
  • Photos on Forex photo board
  • Photos on Acrylic
  • Photos on Metal

All images are printed using archival-quality inks and materials to prevent fading.

You can order by email

I’m hearing impaired so phone calls are a bit of a nightmare for me. The best way to reach me is via email. You can use the site’s contact form or just email me at Let me know what you want, what size you want, how you want it printed, and how soon you need it. I’ll get you a preview and — if you’re happy — I’ll have the image produced to order and get it to you. It takes me about eight days from ordering to the image arriving by Canada Post.

You will pick up and pay for your print(s) at the libary

All images will be picked up from Strathmore Library during their regular hours and payment is made directly to them. They will reimburse me for production costs from the receipts I have provided. This is to guarantee that the library receives its share of every print sale so that the public is confident that monies from their art purchases are being directed and used as promised.

Thanks for your interest in my art, and thank you so much for supporting the Strathmore Library with your print orders.

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