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About Séan

Why buy a hairbrush when you can buy a lens filter?

I’m a lifelong Albertan who prefers towns to cities, cats to dogs, books to sports, and tea to coffee. My first camera was a No. 2 Brownie given to me at age five by my grandmother. This was a mistake as the film and processing costs resulting from this new obsession nearly drove her into bankruptcy over the next two years. Forty-nine years later, I still own my first camera along with a large collection of antique film cameras and 35mm SLRs.

You can usually find me wandering about the walking trails in Strathmore, Alberta, with at least one camera in hand, (but usually more). I’m always on the prowl for the next image and the local waterfowl wish I would just bugger off. Only a very small sampling of my photography is available through this site. Go to the following photo communities if you want to see more, including my most recent work:

Flickr portfolio (fine-art work)
Instagram portfolio (just-for-fun snaps)

I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and an artist member of The Vault Cultural Collective in Strathmore, Alberta.

I have worked as a wedding and portrait photographer in the past, but no longer. I’m happy with being a hobbyist once again, and all requests to photograph events, groups, or individuals will be politely declined. Any professional images in my portfolio are included for sentimental reasons at this point. 

Experienced photographers passing through town are welcome to reach out to me for a tea or coffee meetup.

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