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Portfolio: Grad Shoot

I had the privilege of doing Brenna’s grad shoot towards the end of the school year in 2016. She is one of my daughter’s BFFs so no pressure, right? It turned out to be a harried and unpleasant shoot. It was hot, the wind came up, and the lighting didn’t work in at least half the locations we picked. The shoot was in Hanna, Alberta, so there’s not a lot there to start with.

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We managed to get some good shots around the school (the tree in front of the school was the ONLY one left in town with any blooms at that point). We also worked the Hanna Historical Museum, and poached one shot in front of a friend’s home in town.  (He says I still owe him $2,000 rent for that. Jerk.) We spotted the tree swing by the old train tracks en route between locations and worked that in. The image on the lakeshore was actually taken the following day.

I’m pleased with how things turned out given the compressed time frame, the weather, and the lighting circumstances. You’ve got to work with what you’re given.

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